2019 is here!

In 2019 election season we will focus on local across the country. We hope you will join us - we have many organizing, fundraising and task-oriented volunteer opportunities available for all interests and abilities.  If you want to help but don't know where to start, we have  ideas to get you going. Please join us at our March 30th 2019 Kick-off event in Montpelier to learn more about our direction in 2019 and how you can be part of it. 

Meet our NEW Special Election Candidates

Pam Iovino is running for the Pennsylvania State Senate from District 37.  Democrats only need to win four seats to win the Pennsylvania Senate. This seat is an early opportunity to flip a genuine swing district and set up Dems to take over the State Senate in 2020, in time for redistricting. This formerly Democratic district went for Trump in 2016 but has been trending blue since then. Both Rep Conor Lamb and Tom Wolf, the Dem governor, won this district by double digits. 

Iovino is a competent and organized candidate who was born and raised in the district.  She is a former Navy Captain with 23 years of service.  After leaving active duty, she served as an Assistant Secretary at the Veterans Administration.  She supports voting and elections reforms, including campaign finance transparency, increased ballot box access and ending gerrymandering. Learn more about Pam Iovino in this video.

  • Make some calls for Pam, using the steps and phonebank code - email leanleftcvt@gmail.com for details.

  • Donate to Pam Iovino! Any amount welcome.


We are also helping to elect Lisa Neubauer to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a vitally important special election on April 2nd.  A win by ultra-conservative Brian Hagdorn, Scott Walker's former legal counsel, would expand the conservative majority on the court to 5-2.  If Democrat-backed Neubauer wins, the liberal wing will have a chance to gain majority control in 2020 and is essential to safeguarding Wisconsin's fair redistricting process after the 2020 census.  Fair districting can unwind the radical gerrymander currently favoring Republicans in Wisconsin. Look for some inspiration in this video--Lisa is a powerhouse!

  • Write letters with Vote Forward. If you have an account, just sign in and head to the Wisconsin Supreme Court Campaign to download letters you will send using your own envelopes and stamps. If you don't already have an account, go to https://votefwd.org/ to sign up (pre-approval required and takes a couple of days). If you're writing with a group, follow Vote Forward's Party Planner!

  • Write postcards with Postcards to Voters. You can read more about this effort and sign up to write (if you're new to Postcards to Voters, pre-approval required; steps are easy to follow).

  • Make phone calls for Lisa. The script is very straightforward and you’ll be calling like-minded voters. To get all of the details email leanleftcvt@gmail.com

  • Donate Any amount welcome.

Ready to Get Started with 2019 Actions?

2019 Kick-Off Event
Take your activism to the next level!  
Saturday, March 30th  5 - 7pm

Get inspired to move forward with your activism! Discover where
Lean Left Vermont is going in 2019 and how you can continue, or start, to be a part of this great grassroots effort. We'll be sharing our vision for the 2019 elections and providing a wide range of opportunities to take
your volunteer efforts to the next level. 

One of our first actions is supporting a PA Sister District candidate
Pam Iovino (more on Pam above), and we will be taking donations to her campaign at the event. Please bring a credit card or check. 

We hope you'll join us for good conversation and to get inspired to
continue our 2018 Blue Wave successes in 2019! 

RSVP to LeanLeftcvt@gmail.com for address and directions. 

What Does Lean Left Vermont Do?

Lean Left Vermont is a grassroots group of Vermont activists and YOU. Our goal is to leverage the talents and resources of Vermonters to support campaigns in districts in other states to help elect Democratic and Progressive candidates. Our mission is to flip seats from red to blue, or to keep them blue, at the state and federal levels. YOU are our grassroots membership and you helped create the Blue Wave in 2017 and 2018!

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