What is Lean Left Vermont?

We are an independent group of like-minded activists who came together after the 2016 election around a shared desire to leverage the talents and resources of our Vermont community in support of elections of out-of-state Democratic and progressive candidates at both the state and Federal levels. We do this through phonebanking, fundraising, postcard writing, sharing information on social media, and possibly coordinating on-the-ground volunteering. Find out more about how we work here.

Why State Races Matter

Although much of the national media is focused on Federal races, it is clear that state races matter as much, if not more! Statewide office holders -- legislators, attorneys general, governors -- make decisions that directly affect people's lives and the right-wing's hold on state legislatures has created the unfair gerrymandered districts we are dealing with today. Our Vermont team of volunteers can help to flip or hold critical state chambers and bust Republican super-majorities in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. 

Who We Work With

We are working with several organizations at the State and National levels, depending upon the state.

  • Sister District Project - this organization formed in 2016 and is focused on organizing volunteers into local teams in blue states to win state elections for Democrats in more "purple" states. In 2017, Vermonters' energy and actions helped elect several Democrats to the Virginia House of Delegates.

  • SwingLeft - which was first focused on flipping the U.S. House of Representatives but is now targeting state houses as well

  • Other Activist Groups - we work with organizations who are established on the ground like Let America Vote in New Hapshire and NY19Votes in New York.

  • Local Campaigns - at times we work directly with a Candidate's campaign to find the best way to make use of Vermonters' energy and support the Candidate directly.