Textbanking (also called “peer-to-peer texting”) is an innovative, effective, flexible, fun way to reach people, sending texts from your computer or other device -- it does not use your cell phone’s texting plan!   You can send 100-500 texts in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your home (or wherever you have internet access!).

Organizations and campaigns text for many reasons:

  • Getting out the vote for a specific candidate or group of candidates

  • Helping folks register to vote

  • Encouraging people to call their representatives about a specific issue or bill

  • Inviting people to a meeting, rally or other event

  • and more!  

Lean Left Vermont can:

  • Provide you with self-training materials

  • Connect you to texting opportunities for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and for many progressive causes

  • Guide you in how to host a text party with your friends or activist group

get started!

[insert row of icons/buttons with links to sign up pages for:

Open Progress

ACLU People Power

Resistance Labs

QUESTIONS FOR DREA: Do you want to some kind of description or instruction here? Do you want separate links or pages to Texbanking Basics, Get Started Guide and videos, Recommended organizations, and specific candidates?

Drea’s answer: I’d like to copy the phonebanking page format as much as possible. I’ve made some edits here to make the text & links more consistent with the PB page. At the bottom, where Dana has little pictures and buttons for each candidate, I think links to organizations that text would be nice. Instead of photos, we could do the org’s logos. If I can find (or create??) some short videos to embed in the spot that Dana has the Resistance School videos, I’d like to do that but don’t think it’s necessary for launch.