Textbanking (also called “peer-to-peer texting”) is an innovative, effective, flexible, fun way to reach people, sending texts from your computer or other device — it does not use your cell phone’s texting plan! You can send 100-500 texts in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your home (or wherever you have internet access!).

Organizations and Campaigns Text
for Many Reasons

  • Getting out the vote for a specific candidate or group of candidates

  • Helping folks register to vote

  • Encouraging people to call their representatives about a specific issue or bill

  • Inviting people to a meeting, rally or other event

  • and more!  

Here’s How We Help You Textbank

  • Provide you with self-training materials

  • Connect you to texting opportunities for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and for many progressive causes

  • Guide you in how to host a text party with your friends or activist group

get started!



Lean Left Vermont may sometimes have specific texting actions focused on our candidates or voter empowerment initiatives — primarily, though, we connect you to active textbanking groups whose missions align very closely with ours. The groups below are often texting for great candidates and causes — jump in and get started!



Fight Gerrymandering:
Support a Blue Virginia


Questions? Send us a message, and we’ll get right back to you