Thanks so much for joining
our Post-It Effort for Hala Ayala!

We’re writing Post-its for Hala’s canvassers. Instead of just leaving campaign materials that will likely get tossed, canvassers can leave a personal message that can make all the difference in whether or not the material gets read. These upbeat and friendly notes will certainly make an impact on voters in Hala’s district!

Hala Post-it.JPG

The details:

  • You provide the 4x4 post-its and the postage required to mail your packs of Post-its to the campaign office.

  • The campaign has found that Post-its Extreme work best. These post-its can withstand the weather and will stick when it’s hot or cold. These post-its work best with permanent markers. Best price is here.

  • Post-its can be any color you choose (except red!), and your message can be as colorful and unique as you'd like to make it. Post-its come in packs containing 90 pages.

  • Write this message *exactly as written* on each page in a pack:

Sorry to have missed you!
Hope you vote for Delegate Ayala on November 5th!

                                  -Team Hala

*This message has been approved by Hala’s campaign. Please do not edit this message.

  • Batch your Post-it packs and send them to:

Ayala for Delegate
ATTN: Lucy MacIntosh
PO Box 7434
Woodbridge, VA 22195

Include a note with your name if you wish, your Lean Left Vermont affiliation, and your best wishes for Hala!

  • Please indicate with an “x” on the spreadsheet that you have mailed your pack(s). The spreadsheet also contains suggested deadlines for the next batch, so feel free to sign up to write more post-its and then indicate that you have mailed them under the mailing date.

  • We will continue writing through October 25th.

Hala’s campaign hopes to knock on 30,000 doors by November, so we’re going to be writing as many Post-its as we can between now and then. Do your best to help us keep track of the number of Lean Left Post-its that end up reaching Virginians in Hala’s district!

Questions? Email