RECLAIM OUR VOTE is contacting voters of color in target states, urging them to go out and participate in our Democracy. These citizens have been removed from voter rolls simply because they haven't voted recently, or through other techniques designed to suppress the vote of legitimate voters. We're asking them to re-register and, closer to the time of the elections, to get out and vote.

When you’re ready to start phonebanking you can skip to the “Start Calling” Button below.

“When you work with people who feel unseen, they are super excited to get a phone call. Talking with these voters is fun!”

–Andrea, Reclaim Our Vote

In 2020, we will be:

  • helping people register to vote

  • informing them about what they need to take with them to the polls

  • helping them get a photo ID if they need one

  • connecting them with free rides via Reclaim Our Vote’s CarPool Vote service (when available)

Why are these phone calls important?

Every phone call, whether a disconnected number or not, is an important phone call.

Both major political parties have given up on these underrepresented voters of color. That's
why every voter contact is truly important and will have a ripple effect in the local community.

100% bad phone numbers provides a minimum of 80% good addresses, and Reclaim Our Vote has a ground game that sends either a follow-up postcard to these addresses or sends a real live person to know on their door.

When you’re ready to start phonebanking you can skip to the “Start Calling” Button below.

In order to use these phonebanks you will need to have an ActionID. If you have ever used an ActionID to make calls, just sign-in with your email address and password and you are good to go. If you don't have an ActionID, you can watch this 3 minute video to learn how to create one and how to use the new Open Virtual Phonebanks. 

Training Materials & Suggestions

How to Get Started with Reclaim Our Vote
Phonebanking Best Practices
How to use the VPB
Remember to keep track of your phone calls using our Phonebank Talley Sheet.
Be sure to read through the Steps to Start Phonebanking at the bottom of this page.

Want to host a training for Registering Voters by Phone? We can come to you in your community. Contact Dana at

Register Voters in Virginia

Phonebanks for registering Virginia voters have switched over to nonpartisan Get Out the Vote phonebanks. You may still find some voter registration phonebanks available until October 15th.

Phonebanks are open from 9:00am to 9:00pm local time every day. Best day to phonebank: Sunday after 4 pm.

Remember to keep track of your phone calls using our Phonebank Talley Sheet.

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Steps to Start Phonebanking

  1. Check out the training materials, including state specific instructions and scripts, above; keep supporting documents open in your browser.

  2. Have the following items:

    • Your own phone / headphones

    • A computer or tablet

  3. Click on the the Start Calling button above. If you’ve used VPB before, then sign in. If you’re new to VPB, create an ActionID following the instructions here.  Once you’re signed in, if prompted, the code to access the call list is found above.

  4. Script will be provided in VPB once you log in. Follow any script suggestions above.

  5. Keep track of your calls with our Phonebank Tally Sheet. This will help us know who is calling and the results of the calls:

  6. Start making calls!

  7. If the VPB link or code doesn’t work, email to let us know.