They’re out there. We all know someone who enjoys picking up the phone and having a conversation. Is that you? Is it someone you know?

There’s something about the human voice that compels people to action, whether you’re making volunteer recruitment calls, voter education calls, or Get-Out-the-Vote calls.

Lean Left gives you everything you need to phonebank, including training, sign-on links, background on candidates, and more. A little time getting yourself set in the beginning, and you’re off, making some of the most important phone calls of the year.

All of our active and upcoming phonebanks can be accessed below.

get started!

Watch these brief training videos from Resistance School (check out their other great activist training materials!).

Takeaway: You might only reach one voter in an hour, but add your one voter to the voters reached by of a team of people, and then add their voters to an entire state’s voters, and then the region’s voters, and so on and so on, and suddenly “millions of calls are made and tens of thousands of new voters are brought into our democracy!”



If you enjoy helping people, you can make calls to underrepresented voters in North Carolina and Virginia to help them re-register to vote and to make sure they have everything they need to get to the polls, including finding proper documents and scheduling rides. Check out the Reclaim Our Vote action found on the Voter Empowerment page. You’re gonna love this one!

Phonebanks are now active for our Sister District candidates, Hala Ayala and Larry Barnett. Everything you need to get started making calls—including a script, candidate and district background, and the phonebank code—can be found below the candidates’ pictures.

NOTE: GOTV is in full swing, which means phonebanking efforts have ramped up. You may receive a “phonebank complete” message when you log in. If that happens, contact Dana at and she will alert Sister District. Completion of a phonebank is a great sign! It means that volunteers are hard at work cleaning up lists, so don’t be discouraged. Just move to another phonebank and a new one will be up soon.

Phonebanks are password-protected. If you haven’t phonebanked with Lean Left before, please complete this form and we will get back to you with everything you need to make calls.

If you have trouble accessing a phonebank, please email us at