Recent victories in PA's deep red Congressional districts demonstrated just how much trouble the Keystone State's GOP is in. AND the Pennsylvania state legislature is ripe for flipping, too! Our partners at the Sister District Project have chosen it as one of their target states because they see a lot of opportunity to flip red to blue.  Learn more about PA.


Melissa Shusterman - PA-157

Anton Andrew - PA-160


+ PA GOAL 1: Support our Sister District Match Melissa Shusterman

Lean Left Vermont has been match with Melissa Shusterman, who is running in House District 157 in southeast PA. Melissa, a first time candidate, has stepped forward to take on the Republican incumbent. She is a 4th generation resident of her district. The recent court battle in PA only addressed redrawing of the Congressional seats. The PA legislature map remains gerrymandered but with our support and that of other Sister District teams, Melissa can flip this seat blue. We will be working with the campaign on actions including fundraising, phone/text banking, postcards and canvassing.

Support Melissa now by donating here.

+ More information about Melissa Shusterman

+ PA Goal 2: Support our Sister District Match Anton Andrew

Anton has served as a public defender and has dedicated himself to the causes of education, gun safety, social justice, gerrymandering and affordable health care. In addition, he as over two decades of experience successfully fighting for poor and working families as a lawyer, executive, educator, community activist. He is an environmental champion and has been member of the Board of Trustees of the Nature Conservancy. Support Anton Andrew by donating through ActBlue.

+ More Information about Anton Andrew