Working for Democracy
in 2019-2020

Lean Left Vermont is committed to the election of Democrats and Progressives at all levels of government in other states.  We also support voting rights groups that register and educate voters about requirements in their states.

Our Strategy

On a federal level, we support Congressional races in competitive districts. In addition to how competitive the district is, we consider the candidate’s credentials and proximity to Vermont. We also evaluate the affect we can have on a particular race. Some races attract national attention and dollars while equally important races fly under the radar.  In those latter races, our work can go much further.

It is not enough to focus on winning Congress and the Presidency. Republicans have built structural advantages by using their control of state offices to gerrymander districts and enact voter suppression laws.  For that reason, we spend equal, if not more, effort on state-level races, not only legislatures and governors but also attorney generals, secretary of state and other races. State-level campaigns are often small and under-resourced, so we can have a significant impact. We prioritize areas where there are overlapping races.  For example, can we support a Senate and/or House seat as well as one or more state-level races?

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Voter Empowerment

In 2010, after decades of painstaking work, Republicans gained control of many state legislatures. This gave them the power to create severely gerrymandered districts and to enact voter suppression laws.

Widespread voter suppression—particularly against historically marginalized groups—is a reoccurring problem in the United States. Each election cycle, untold numbers of eligible Americans are prevented from voting due to barriers in the voter registration process, restrictions on casting ballots, and discriminatory and partisan-rigged district maps… Policies and practices that limit participation by even a few thousand votes can mean the difference between victory and defeat in competitive elections.
— Center for American Progress

Republicans have retained control in many states, not only because they have gerrymandered districts (both state and federal) to their advantage, but because they have made voter suppression a priority. They pass voter ID laws, limit early and absentee voting and limit poll locations and voting machines. All of this is done with the intent of disenfranchising the votes of minorities and Democrats.

Lean Left Vermont is committed to helping voters participate more fully in our democracy. We are partnering with organizations in order to:  

  • register new voters

  • educate voters about the laws in their state, including voter ID requirements, early voting, and absentee ballot requirements

  • help people who can’t afford an ID get one

  • fight voter suppression laws and gerrymandering to make it easier and more convenient to vote


You Can Vote empowers and mobilizes citizens to become life-long voters.  YCV operates in North Carolina, which looms large in 2020 with opportunities for Democrats to add a Senate seat, additional US House seats as well as capture its electoral votes.


Let America Vote fights proposals across the country that make it harder for voters to cast a ballot including extreme identification requirements, questionable purges of voters from the rolls, voter intimidation and complicated registration processes. LAV works through online and grassroots organizing as well as media and advertising campaigns. In 2018, Lean Left VT worked closely with LAV in New Hampshire to help flip both state houses from red to blue!


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