The Power Of One

Rights of women and minorities, climate change, gun control, universal healthcare: They all depend on getting out the vote. That is where you come in! Because more and more elections are decided by razor-thin margins, your actions can make the difference in defending our democracy. You are the power of one!

It is not enough to focus on winning Congress and the Presidency in 2020. Republicans have built structural advantages by using their control of state offices to gerrymander districts and enact voter suppression laws. In 2017, Democrats lost one seat in the Virginia House of Delegates by a single vote. But for that loss, the Democrats would have broken the Republican majority in Virginia. We have another chance in 2019. Democrats are only 2 seats away from majority in the state Senate and House. Success means that Democrats and progressives can draw a fair Congressional district map in 2020.  2019 is also the year to be registering and empowering voters, particularly in states with a track record of disenfranchising voters. 

How Lean Left Vermont Works

We empower Vermont activists to take meaningful, sustained actions in support of our mission of flipping seats from red to blue, or keeping seats blue, at the state and federal levels.

Here’s how we do this

  • Identify and disseminate information about specific opportunities for engagement, with an emphasis on actions that are effective and well-aligned with Vermont activists’ interests and skills

  • Provide training, tools, resources, and support for Vermont activists on some of the most common ways that other districts need our support, such as the following:

    • fundraising

    • phone banking

    • canvassing

    • textbanking

    • postcarding

  • Coordinate and connect the work of different Vermont activists and activist groups to ensure maximum effectiveness with respect to the Lean Left mission.

  • Establish and maintain partnerships that enable local activism, for example, we work with national organizations like Let America Vote and Sister District Project and with specific districts, campaigns, and candidates that we have vetted as especially effective.

You can learn more by attending a Lean Left event.

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