How did Republicans take such a strong hold of many states in this country?

The answer:  Follow the money.

In 2010, Republicans developed a strategy to redistrict voter maps to their own benefit. They poured 30 million dollars into state legislative races around the country, knowing that if they took control of state legislatures before 2011, they could redistrict in their favor and pass their right-wing agendas. And they were incredibly successful, taking control of 26 states by 2017.  

We at Lean Left Vermont plan to help restore political balance to these states and ensure that ALL citizens have a voice at the polls, not just those chosen by the Republicans.   Do you want to see more districts flipped blue and empower voters?  Raising money for democrats running in pivotal elections and organizations that fight voter suppression is a critical way you can help.

Get Started!

Fundraising is easier than you think! It can be as simple as asking others to donate to candidates or organizations that empower voters. You could have a potluck, game night, bbq, wine tasting, music concert or art show—the possibilities are endless.  

You can also start a monthly giving circle. Giving Circles are Lean Left’s fundraising initiative for the 2019 election cycle. It is a simple way to gather friends and neighbors to donate to a common cause on a regular basis.

Whatever your interests are, you can make a huge impact.

Lean Left has everything you need to get started, including ideas, how-tos, promotional materials, and donation links. Once you’re committed, we’ll provide you with a guide to hosting your own fundraiser.

Materials to Get You Started

The Awesome Fundraiser Guide [link to come]

Lean Left Vermont Giving Circles: A fun and effective way to give for democracy!