Lean Left Vermont raises funds for candidates and organizations through ActBlue, a nonprofit political action committee.

Every month Lean Left Vermont will choose a candidate or organization as the beneficiary of the month. Lean Left will use available national research to evaluate and select candidates who have a strong chance of flipping key seats and/or organizations that impact voter mobilization.



Virginia House of Delegates
Hala Ayala
Larry Barnett


Lean Left’s October Spotlight
is on our sister district candidates in Virginia

On November 5th, Virginians have the opportunity to flip both houses of their legislature blue! And we’re going to help by donating to two worthy candidates in these last critical weeks.

Why is Virginia important? It’s the only flippable state having elections in 2019. A win on Election Day will enable Democrats in Virginia to:

  • end gerrymandering 

  • combat voter suppression

  • address issues important to Virginians such as gun control, public education and healthcare 

  • become the 38th state to pass the ERA 

  • send a strong message to the GOP for 2020! 

Be part of the blue wave of donations to help flip Virginia!  Lean Left Vermont's October fundraising will go to our Sister District Project Virginia candidates Hala Ayala and Larry Barnett.

For more information about why Virginia matters, check out Lean Left’s Blog 2020.


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