Lean Left Vermont raises funds for candidates and organizations through ActBlue, a nonprofit political action committee.

Every month Lean Left Vermont will choose a candidate or organization as the beneficiary of the month. Lean Left will use available national research to evaluate and select candidates that have a strong chance of flipping key seats and organizations that impact voter mobilization.



Fight Gerrymandering:
Support a Blue Virginia


Fair Maps equal Fair Elections in VA

Gerrymandering undermines the concept of ‘one person, one vote’ by rigging legislative district maps. For Republicans, extreme gerrymandering supports their goal: permanent legislative majorities based on a minority share of the vote.

This problem must be fixed state by state. In 2019, Lean Left VT can help Virginia achieve fair maps for the next 10 years! Help our Sister District candidates John Bell, Hala Ayala, and Larry Barnett: they can flip the VA State Legislature! Each house is just TWO SEATS away from red to BLUE. Your gift will a difference!


Giving Circles

Pool your donations and
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