Lean Left Vermont raises funds for candidates and organizations through ActBlue, a nonprofit political action committee.

Every month Lean Left Vermont will choose a candidate or organization as the beneficiary of the month. Lean Left will use available national research to evaluate and select candidates who have a strong chance of flipping key seats and/or organizations that impact voter mobilization.



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Reclaim Our Vote


Lean Left’s September Spotlight
is on Reclaim Our Vote

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There are 16.6 million community-of-color voters who are inactive or who have been deregistered to vote in the 2019/2020 election cycles. Most of these people are in voter suppression states, where voting is routinely harder for people of color than for their white counterparts.

What does voter suppression look like? Any action or behavior that deters an individual or group from voting is called voter suppression. 

  • voter ID laws

  • closing polling places or moving them to inconvenient/inaccessible locations

  • eliminating early voting

  • deregistering or purging people from the voter rolls

RECLAIM OUR VOTE is contacting these under-represented voters of color and helping them re-register and get to the polls on election day. ROV volunteers call, they knock on doors, they text, they provide rides for people who need them.

“When you work with people who feel unseen,
they are super excited to get a phone call or have someone knock on their door,”
says Andrea of Reclaim Our Vote. 

Help expand the electorate and bring a voice to those who feel left out of our democracy.

Donate to Reclaim Our Vote.

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