Canvassing (knocking on doors) is the most effective way to identify supporters, persuade those on the fence, and make sure voters get to the polls.

We need you to:

  • knock on doors for Lean Left candidates

  • lead canvassing trips

  • identify people in your community or group who are interested in canvassing

  • host a training/roundtable in your home 

Next up in 2019: We’ll be holding Lean Left Webinars, including round-table discussions with experienced canvassers and training for specific actions.

Get started!

Interested in learning how to have a persuasive conversation with a voter? Watch these training videos from Organizing for Action.


We will have Canvassing Actions in the near future. If you haven’t canvassed with Lean Left before and would like more information, please email




Virginia House of Delegates
Hala Ayala, District 51
Larry Barnett, District 27


Questions? Send us a message,
and we’ll get right back to you