In 2019, several states have off-year elections. They include Virginia, where Democrats are only 2 seats away from a majority in both the State Senate and the House of Delegates. Success means that Democrats can draw fair Congressional districts in 2020.

We are supporting two terrific Sister District Project candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates, Hala Ayala (District 51) and Larry Barnett (District 27), and one candidate for the Virginia State Senate, John Bell (District 13).

Why are state campaigns important? Sister District Project, an organization that is targeting state races, argues (and we agree) that the Republicans understood that the “state legislature is where the power lies to draw district lines for Congress.” In 2010 they took over many state legislatures and redrew the districts, maximizing their power. Besides this gerrymandering activity, they went directly after voting rights, passing voter ID bills, limiting the number of days of absentee balloting or early voting. We will continue to work closely with the Sister District Project in 2019/2020.

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