Voter Empowerment

Voters: Educate. Register. Empower.

Lean Left VT is excited to support You Can Vote, a North Carolina non-profit that is focused on giving disenfranchised communities a voice in the political process! Since its founding in 2014, YCV has demonstrated tremendous success in registering and turning out voters at a rate that exceeds the state average.  Watch this video to learn more.  

North Carolina looms large in 2020 with opportunities for Democrats to add a Senate seat, additional US House seats as well as capture its electoral votes. Trump only carried the state by 3.5% and Thom Tillis, its freshman Republican senator, is vulnerable.   It is also important for Democrats to hold on to the governorship and to make inroads in the state legislature to reverse North Carolina’s severely gerrymandered districts, both Congressional and state legislative.  Democrats can win statewide in NC as Democrat Roy Cooper demonstrated when he was elected Governor in 2016. There is also a Congressional special election in September in the now infamous 9thdistrict, where the state Board of Elections called a ‘do over’ because of fraud by the Republican candidate.

Voter registration is critical to Democrat success in North Carolina and that is where YCV has a laser focus! Eager to keep their gerrymandered majorities, North Carolina Republicans passed (over Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto) voter id requirements that make it more difficult for North Carolinians to vote.  YCV is registering citizens to vote and teaching them the ins and outs of voting laws so that all citizens can successfully cast their ballot.  YCV focus’ outreach on youth, communities of color and low income areas, which traditional have lower turn out rates and are disproportionately impacted by voter id barriers. You Can Vote has demonstrated tremendous success in registering and turning out voters at a higher rate than voters statewide (63% to 53%). 

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